Invited Talk

Accepted Papers

Day One

Poster Session 1 - Application of Nonlinear Dynamics and Synchronization (NDS)

Parallel Session P1 - Nonlinear Dynamics in Supply Chains and Economy

Parallel Session P2 - Applications of NDS in Technical Systems - 1

Vito Trianni, Stefano Nolfi:
Self-Organising Sync in a Robotic Swarm

Ludovic Righetti, Jonas Buchli, Auke Jan Ijspeert:
Adaptive frequency oscillators and applications

H. Li, Z. Li, W.A. Halang, Juan Gonzalo Barajas Ramirez:
Controlling EMI with A Chaotic Peak Current-mode Boost Converter

Etsushi Nameda, Hideaki Terai, Minghui Kao, Ken Umeno:
Application of Asynchronous Channels Method to the W-CDMA Systems

Day Two

Poster Session 2 - Theory of NDS

Parallel Session P3 - Theory of Synchronization

Parallel Session P4 - Application of NDS - 2 (Computational Intelligence Issues)

Abdelhamid Bouchachia, Saliha Bouchachia:
Ensemble Learning for Time Series Prediction

J.A. Antonino-Daviu, M. Riera-Guasp, M. Pineda-Sánchez, J. Pons-Llinares, R. Puche-Panadero:
Feature extraction for the prognosis of electromechanical faults in electrical machines through the DWT

Julio Rodriguez, Max-Olivier Hongler:
Networks of Mixed Canonic-Dissipative Systems and Dynamic Hebbian Learning

Herwig Unger, Daniel Berg:
About a New Kind of Autonomous, Self-Adapting Agents and the Library Game Environment

Miao Liu, Dongwei Guo, Jie Ma, Yanbin Liu, Chunguang Zhou:
Global Structure Constraint Model for Object Representation